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At Roger’s Fitness we believe age is just a number & fitness is acheivable at any age.  We can help you stay fit, all of your life.

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We train both male and female clientele because everyone deserves a chance at a healthy life
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How to Exercise and Enjoy it

How to Exercise and Enjoy it There are three key elements that are important to make any exercise program successful. These elements are safety, effectiveness and enjoyment. You really can exercise and enjoy it. Safety: The “No pain, no gain” theory is a...

What Causes Us To Start Aging?

What Causes Us To Start Aging? Science has made stunning discoveries in this area of human interest, it's something we all want to know, what causes us to age - can we slow down the process of aging, can we live longer, if so, how? It's a...

Gone Are The Days

Gone are the days where I hate to get up. Gone are the days where my brain had little get up and go. Gone are the days when exercising seemed more like a chore than enjoyment. Gone are the days when I thought I was happy where I was and lacked motivation....

Roger LeBlanc: Owner of Roger's Fitness

What is online coaching?
Online training is a new and exciting way to offer life changing, transformation, fitness coaching to clients. It can be utilized by anyone, anywhere, offering convenience, responsiveness, flexibility, and affordability. With it, I can empower my clients with more accountability and support than I ever could in-person.

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So , have I peaked your interest just a bit?  Why don’t you stay informed on the latest news on fitness & nutrition.  If you don’t do anything different today, how is tomorrow going to be any different.
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