Ahh, nutrition, it can be all so confusing!!

What’s good for you today, may not be good for you tomorrow, as far as nutrition goes. Man I sure do get confused at times, especially when I first started this fitness business and getting healthy. I read up on a lot of nutritional information.

Just when I thought I had my nutrition thing figured out, I receive some more information that sends my knowledge out of whack.

I’ve read for so long that bananas were great for you. Then just this past week I receive some information that they are jam packed with chemicals and it kind of concerned me for a moment.

Also, I’m a big fan of Peanut butter and I always thought that it was great for you also, then this past week I receive information that it’s maybe not so good for you. Jam packed with calories and such.

Sometimes I think too much information is not a good thing. It’ll confuse you more than it helps you.
When I do read the articles closely, sometimes I think the headlines are more to do with getting someone to click on that link, and therefore the web site gets a hit, which I think isn’t such a good thing. Making folks panic about their eating habits, healthy ones at that, just for profit.

I was never a big fan of dieting to a certain extent unless absolutely necessary. If someone is extremely overweight then by all means, yes go on that diet to lose a lot of the extra weight but once you’re at a safe weight to pursue some physical activity by all means cut back on starving yourself.

Most diets are hard to maintain for an extended period and yes can be very stressful. In turn, high stress tends to pack the weight on.

My thoughts go to the old saying, “Everything in moderation”. I’m not telling you to go to your local McDonald’s twice a week but every once in a while is not going to kill you.

Eat your veggies and fruit, maintaining a healthy amount of exercise (yes even too much exercise is not good, kinda screws up the immune system among other things) eat 3 servings of fish a week, and not so much red meat.

Hell, even have a “couple” of drinks on the weekend!!! It’s not going to kill you and may be in fact good for you. I stress the fact a “couple” of drinks. Moderation babies. I draw the line though on tobacco and street drugs. Those 2 things will send you to an early grave.

So all this being said, I truly believe MODERATION is the key. Eat right, exercise, and get moving. Life is too short to be miserable on a very strict diet. We were meant to be happy. So I guess I’ll have my peanut butter sandwich and a banana for desert. Not 20 bananas and a jar of peanut butter, which yeah, isn’t too good for you lol.

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