Are we really lazy, or do we fear exercise?

Are we really lazy or do we fear exercise? This is something a lot of people may get confused about. They may have told themselves that by nature they are lazy but deep down, do they fear exercise?

Even though the benefits of exercise are well known to most, the lifestyle in today’s society where the attitude that is thrown at us day in and day out is “there must be an easier way to do stuff”

  1. Why push a lawn mower when I can just get a riding lawn mower.
  2. Why walk up two flights of stairs when I can just take an elevator.
  3. Why walk to the store when I can drive there.


We all have times when yes, we are lazy but I tend to think for the most part that most of the time it’s the dreaded fear of exercising. Just the thought of physical exertion, an increased heart rate, slight soreness, and sweating is enough to invoke fear in some.

There are many ways this fear can present itself:

  • Fear of failing…Nobody likes to fail at anything and exercising is no exception but one way you can conquer this fear is by not setting your goals too high when beginning. Baby steps or short term goals are the way to go. Setting your goals too high is a recipe for failure.
  • Fear of injury…Folks who haven’t exercised in a long time or ever you may not be able to tell the difference between normal discomfort and pain. It’s a foregone conclusion you will feel some discomfort when starting out but done in an appropriate manner, as you get stronger this will dissipate. Proper form is very important and who knows more about proper form than a personal trainer. Maybe hire one 🙂
  • Fear of sweating…Some people get very nervous about how much they sweat and really there is no “normal” It’s just your bodies way of cooling off and nothing to be embarrassed about. There is an ad out there that says”Never let ‘em see you sweat”. Again that way of thinking is pounded into our heads. I say, let them see you sweat, then let them see how good you look in 6 weeks!!
  • Fear of looking foolish…Believe me, if you’re a beginner, that thought may go through your head. We all had to start somewhere. From the most athletic person you may know to the personal trainer at the gym. We were once “you” and had these thoughts. If anything folks at the gym or wherever you may be will look at you with an abundance of respect towards you for taking the first steps on the road to good health, unless of course they are assholes.

Don’t fear exercise, embrace it. Love what you’re doing for your health both physically and mentally. Love the fact that you’re done complaining and doing something about it. Love the fact that the feeling of “well being” is here to stay.

YES, I was in your shoes before and probably worse, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, Peace

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