If you are familiar with my website at all you know that I’m in the process of taking a “Certified Personal Fitness Trainer” course.

I’ve been into the weight training thing for about 15 years but what surprised me the most about this course is how little I knew about the nutrition part of it. I exercised a lot but nutrition was not a part of my lifestyle.

There are so many physical fitness programs-diet programs out there but there are a few things that they all share:
• Abstain from smoking
• Alcohol in moderation, if at all
• Caffeine in moderation(1 or 2 cups a day)
I started the nutrition part of my daily routine roughly 18 months ago and I’m glad I have 2 of these done and a good start on the 3rd one. I just have to go from 3 cups of coffee a day to 2 cups. I’ll have to do without the 2nd cup in the morning. It shouldn’t be that much of a problem because I have an abundance of energy since quitting smoking.

There are also common things that diet programs share to help you reach your goals towards better physical fitness:
• All diets recognize that if you’re going to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. So regardless if they specifically mentioned calories, all programs are designed to reduce a person’s caloric intake.
• All diets acknowledge that physical activity can help people lose weight and maintain weight loss.
• All diets must include the essential 9 amino acids that you receive from protein.
• No diets suggests that you can eat all kinds of junk food and lose weight
• Omega 3 fatty acids are very important which you get from fish.

Without going into too much detail, these are just some common things that I have worked into my daily physical fitness plan. Hopefully in the future when I’m Certified I can go into much more detail about getting fit and possibly create a personal fitness plan just for you.
As I’ve said on my website, fitness and health are serious things but I do know how to make fitness a fun thing as well. More on how to have fun with fitness in the future.

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