We Must Not Let The Challenges Of Everyday Life Stop Us From Getting Fit

Trying to maintain a routine exercise plan and staying fit can be a tricky thing. Raising teens, job requirements, etc. Later on in life perhaps even more so as life starts to change a great deal. Kids leaving home, hormonal changes, “Do I Have enough coin to retire”, just to name a few.

Knowing “Why” we must stay active goes a long way in finding the time in our hectic lives. Getting off those meds is a good enough reason. Wouldn’t it be nice to get off those high blood pressure and cholesterol pills? That is definitely a why. Whatever it takes you must make it a priority. Not being frail during our golden years is definitely a why. There’s no better time to start getting fit.

The key here is to start small. To get some good form, technique, flexibility, and balance before going onto bigger things like weight training and vigorous aerobic activities. Physio ball exercises are great for balance. At the beginning just sitting on a physioball can be a challenge. For strength training, just starting with small resistance is a must until proper form and technique are achieved. Yoga is great for flexibility as well.

Medical Clearance:

As always it’s always best to see your doctor before starting to exercise. As a new Professional Trainer I would Like everyone that I train to have medical clearance from a family doctor but I guess that will be decided during the screening process before starting to train someone.

Stay Fit People & Enjoy Life As You become a little older!

This is the last part in a 3 part series.  Stay active folks 🙂

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