Denial, it can be a killer. I really have to shake my head sometimes at the overall denial of certain things by the majority of folks. Yeah I know, I get it. What ever gets you through your day but isn’t that a fantasy world of sorts instead of facing reality?

The reason I bring this up is sometimes it gets me a little crazy how sometimes folks seems to think they can lack physical activity, eat wrong, smoke, & yeah drink too much and pretend that everything is peachy keen and they’ll live to a ripe old age.

Modern medicine can only do so much. By that I mean folks seem to want the quick fix when it comes to their health. A pill for this and a pill for that instead of getting to the root of their illness and trying to combat it by lifestyle changes. Ya know, everything in moderation.

All ya got to do is take a look at the local obituaries and you can see that a whole lot of folks are dying prematurely now a days. Deaths are in their late 40’s, 50’s, and early to mid 60’s for the most part. There are some that are passing away after reaching their life expectancy mid to late 80’s but the majority are premature.

The reason for this is folk’s lifestyles today. Yes we all have a busy life, at least until retirement but you have to make the effort to move after work and eat better. No time for this and no time for that.

Well if folks would spend about half as much time on social media they would have lots of time for their families, home cooked meals, and yes exercise. It all depends what your priorities are I guess but please don’t use the excuse “no time”. You can do stretches almost anytime during the day which take 5 minutes. They are very beneficial to your overall health. Go for walks during your work day during breaks and lunch time. Take 30 minutes to do some resistance training once your home. You don’t need a home gym for this. Just a big rubber band and a door knob will do. By the way yours truly only spends between 30 to 40 minutes daily on resistance training and the results are amazing.

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