Happy most of the time? You betcha. Man what a change 2 years can make. Before I use to search for happiness but until I searched within myself to become basically a happy person, the search was without success.

A big part of being happy for me at least, had everything to so with self-improvement and I’m not just talking about physically. I had to for the most part just start being myself and curb some of my wild ways.

Yes, I can still be opinionated, but at the same time at least respecting other folks opinions as long as they don’t hurt anyone.

For the longest time I use to wonder why I only really connected with a small minority of folks. I use to be told that my thought pattern involved an abundance of common sense but that in itself took a long time for me to actually believe it.

We all can’t be the same and that is a good thing. Wouldn’t it be a dull world if we were? I’m at times still flabbergasted at what comes out of some folks mouths but I tend to keep my cool for the most part at those times.

I also decided to pursue some of the stuff that was put on the back burner for many years. Pursue them I did with a passion although they may not be the “norm”. These things indeed make me happy and one of those was physical fitness.

The progress I’ve made in the last 18 months is almost unbelievable. Some say I must have made a deal with the devil but no, I just started doing things that I enjoy doing and yes, being myself.

So much do I enjoy this new way of living a healthy life, under the advice of a family member I decided to take a personal trainer course. Man gone are the days of only having some muscle and a bit of knowledge of how to get those muscles being the only acquirement’s needed to teach this.

There’s a lot of medical stuff involved and at times I wonder if I’m studying to be a personal fitness trainer or a nurse!!!! I do love a challenge though so it’s all good. I do have an extremely busy life since pursuing this personal goal but I’m at least happy, most of the time so why should I question it.

I have bad days like most. At least the good days outnumber the bad days about 10 to 1. By a good day I mean that when I go to bed I know I’ve given it 110% and did my best. The positive stuff just seems to follow. I owe a lot of my wellbeing to being very healthy both mentally and physically. They are inter-connected you know!!!!!!!!!! A healthy body usually means a healthy mind and vice-versa.

I’ll be taking an exam in the fall to become certified to coach personal fitness and I do sincerely hope you will join me on a journey of becoming healthy in every sense of the word!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy? Yes indeed I am, most of the time.

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