Gone are the days where I hate to get up.

Gone are the days where my brain had little get up and go.

Gone are the days when exercising seemed more like a chore than enjoyment.

Gone are the days when I thought I was happy where I was and lacked motivation.

Gone are the days when I cared what other people thought.

Gone are the days where pride was a hidden thing.

Gone are the days when I wasn’t too pleased when I looked in the mirror (I’m not pointing out physical appearance).

Gone are the days when I thought challenges were over-rated and now I look forward to them.

Finally, when I wore a mask and pretended to be happy. Now, I truly am, most days.

To what do I owe my new lease on life? A healthier lifestyle of course but not only that. The fact that I know myself. My strengths and weaknesses.

A more positive approach to any challenges that may come along. Not only in my new career but just in every day life. It’s a lot more than positive thinking also. It’s hardwiring my brain to really think a different way.

A really good, if not different sense of humor is a must in today’s society and of course you have to be able to laugh at yourself.

The love and respect of family and loved ones is big change for me. I suppose I always had the love but respect was a whole other matter.

All the above are just side effects of a healthier me. I actually look forward to going to the doctor now for my yearly physical and not being nervous about the results. To get to this point at which I’m at was anything but easy but so much worth it.

I can walk with my head held high and not even notice that I’m doing it. It’s also good posture lol.

Physical fitness is kind of a drug for me without nasty side effects. Just positive side effects.

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