Good nutrition is an important thing. Some nutrient needs remain consistent throughout the lifespan where as others change. However, everyone needs sufficient calories and water over the entire lifespan. Iron is very important in every stage of life.

Calcium needs might be higher in very young and very old people, to first create a healthy skeleton and then, later on, to prevent loss of bone density.

The moral of this story is that if you eat a healthy diet throughout your life and maintain hydration levels, you will be giving your body what it needs when it needs it.

Good nutrition is a wonderful thing and can lead to many happy outcomes. Poor nutrition can lead to infant mortality, physical and mental developmental delays in children, illness and pain of every type for every age group, adult disability and lack of productivity, lack of independence and physical ability for seniors, and increased health care costs for everyone.

Well nourished populations are productive, successful, and have lifestyles that are the envy of their neighbors.

Good nutrition can ensure the following:
• Healthy babies born without birth defects
• Improved dental health
• Increased productivity at work
• Better learning ability and success in school

It can also reduce the risk for:
• Hypertension and heart disease
• Childhood and adult obesity
• Diabetes
• Anemia
• Certain types of cancers
• Osteoporosis
As you can see from the above, good nutrition isn’t just good for your physical health, it’s also great for the brain.

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