How to Wake Up Eager to Start

When you jump out of bed every morning, all fired up with enthusiasm, motivation and eagerness to… Huh?

What’s that? You don’t do much jumping in the mornings? Well, okay, when you ease out of bed every morning, all eager and enthusiastic to… Huh? What’s that? You don’t do that either? Well, okay, when you’re lying there in bed every morning wondering why the heck you should bother to get up…Does your mind flash on all the things you’ll get to do today, or is it filled with all the things you’ve GOT to do today?What’s the difference, you ask? Aw c’mon, any ten-year-old kid can answer that one. It’s the difference between waking up thinking “It’s Christmas Day” or thinking “I’ve got Final Exams today.” And face it, most of us live as though we’re facing final exams every single day. Each sunrise brings more battles, more struggles, more dogged trudging, more frustrated attempts to deal with our chronic burdens. Meanwhile, a few happy folks really do wake up eager. They’re rarin’ to go as soon as the light hits their eyeballs. But how do they do that? What’s their secret? Would you believe they don’t have any secret? They just find it in their heart to love what’s happening to them. Even the so-called “bad” stuff is treated with respect and dealt with as a potential learning experience — something to profit from — maybe even fun (with slight adjustments in attitude). But they don’t make any secret of it. What they do is right out there for the rest of the world to see. The only trouble is, the rest of the world is terribly busy not seeing. Not seeing the sunshine around them that so completely fills the lives of the eager-awakeners. Those living in the darkside are tuned in to the dim, gloomy, depressing aspects of every event. Every day brings them the exact same occurrences that their bright-side neighbors receive, but since they’re stuck in the dark-side, they must experience it all in shadows. You have a radio, right? And when you turn the knob, the station changes. All those programs, every one of them, is in the air around you. But when you dial the radio, you’re selecting just one from among all those thousands of signals. And when you wake up in the morning, your dial can be set wherever you want it. Happy; sad; eager; dreading; energetic. So is your mental dial stuck on station K-R-A-P or K-O-O-L? On W-O-R-M or W-A-R-M?If you’re not quite satisfied with the daily programming you’re receiving, it’s not that hard to change it. No kidding… it’s not. But you do have to do it yourself. Nobody — I mean nobody — is going to come in and reset your dial for you. Now, you’ve read enough pos-think books and listened to enough tapes, you have a pretty good idea how this works. Let’s stop kidding ourselves. You do know WHAT to do. But you haven’t had much success with it. But there’s one thing in all those techniques you’re NOT doing. When you do your spiritual exercies, whatever form you select, you get up afterwards and go about your day looking for signs that it’s working. And when you don’t immediately see those signs, you start wondering why it’s not working. BBZZZZZZT! Wrong move.Instead, you’re supposed to be thinking how thankful you are that it IS WORKING, even though you don’t see anything yet. You fill your mind with strong thoughts about what you want.Now isn’t that simple? But it’ll sure make a difference in the way you wake up every morning.

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