Man am I ever pumped that the nice weather is almost here. I Love to go mountain biking but also bike mostly on secondary roads.

Every time I go biking there seems to be new challenges. Whether it be bettering my time on certain routes (my time usually get better as the summer progresses), finding new hills to conquer, or simply trying to get home before the approaching thunderstorm arrives lol.

Really though I’m here to tell ya some of the benefits I personally get from taking the mountain bike out:
• The adrenalin rush (nothing can stop me except for a flat) ouff!
• A better night’s sleep
• Muscle tone and not only in the legs
• Getting back to nature
• A natural high when the bike ride is done
• Stamina

These are just some of the benefits I receive but I’ve also been biking for the most part for about 20 years so I’ve become accustomed to these benefits. For someone thinking about starting to cycle, consult your physician first. He may suggest to start walking for the 1st month to gain a bit of muscle before starting. Other benefits include:
• Cycling eats up calories
• Improves cardio-vascular fitness
• Reduces stress (bigtime)
• Improves heart health
• Builds strength and muscle tone

If you do take up cycling with the nicer weather approaching (and I sure hope you do), there a few things to remember:
• Consult your Doctor
• Start slowly then increase your cycling
• Increase speeds gradually
• Safety first…a Helmet, a well- tuned bike, perhaps knee and elbow pads.

So woncha join me on a bike ride this summer? All you need is a bike, a half hour here and there when it suits, & a bit of confidence. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

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