Man I truly do love the feeling I get after an intense bike ride. I have always called it a “natural high” but I guess the proper terminology is a “runners high” or a “physical high”.

Whatever you may want to call it, it’s a feeling that any known drug can give you. It’s been a long time since I did that stuff but some things you never forget.

This is how it works:
During sustained, vigorous aerobic exercise, the
pituitary gland releases hormones called endorphins.
Endorphins are natural chemicals that can give a feeling
of happiness or well-being . . . and they don’t have
any calories!

I am sure excited about a new biking season being here in Canada. Sometimes our winters are just a bit too long, but the wait for the nicer weather to arrive is well worth it.

Any kind of aerobic exercise will give you this great feeling. Whether it be walking (at a good pace), jogging, running, a treadmill, a stationary bike, and so on. As long as the aerobic exercise is done with some effort (not too much), you will get this “natural high”.

Obesity is at epidemic proportions in North America. Poor eating habits, physical inactivity and their contribution to obesity are also critical public health challenges. Statistics Canada reports that two out of every three adults in Canada are overweight or obese.

My goodness, for your sake, your loved ones sake, and your overall wellbeing, put down that bag of chips and chocolate bar and get away from that computer or TV in your spare time and start moving.

Within in a couple of months you will start to see the benefits of getting off that chair or couch and yes, being “naturally high”.

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