How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Sleep is certainly a precious commodity in adult life. Although it might be difficult for you to
find the time to do this test, it will provide you with helpful information on your sleep needs.

You’ll need about two weeks to do it properly.

To determine how much sleep you need, get up at the same time every day, but change the
time you go to bed over a period of 10 days. Keep a journal, noting how you feel when you
wake up. Notice if you feel groggy after six and a half hours sleep, but feel great after seven
hours sleep. Notice if you feel great after seven hours sleep, but groggy after nine hours, and
so on. You’ll notice that too little or too much sleep can make you feel tired and unrested.

You have to pay attention to your body’s needs to find your ideal sleep time. Adjusting your
daily schedule to accommodate your sleep needs might not be easy, but just think of how
much energy you’ll have when you wake refreshed and rejuvenated after a good night’s sleep!

One last thing, never fall asleep in front of the computer.  It’s terrible for posture!

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