I suppose I’m very fortunate to have the great health I currently have but it’s taken a lot of hard work, lifestyle changes and yes even walking in the rain, no excuses.

It takes nothing less than an emergency to get me outta my work schedule and exercise schedule. No excuses right?

Before I guess I use to make excuses to get out of physical activities. Not because I didn’t enjoy them, it’s because it wasn’t a priority.

Once I received a clean bill of health from my family doctor to pursue a more physical lifestyle the sky was the limit but back to the main reason for this blog. No Excuses.

I really do wish I could understand folks excuses for not taking up a healthier lifestyle. You’re right, it is your life to do with as you please but please stop complaining about being overweight, being a borderline diabetic, or having heart or repertory problems due to a junk food, couch potato, life style.

It is true, in about 10 percent of these cases, these diseases are inherited but in the rest of the cases it could have been prevented.

I heard on a news program this morning that the epidemic of obesity isn’t just a North American thing. In the next 15 years, 80% of the adult population in the UK will be overweight, in Ireland 90% with 50% being considered obese.

Recent studies show that adults 40 years old and younger, with recent medical advances, and future medical advances, can expect to live to a ripe old age of between 120 and 140 (maybe that’s why I expect to live ‘till 110 or better lol) if you look after yourself. So again, what’s your excuse???

For myself, “No excuses” means a lot. The weather, never an excuse. Lack of time? I’ll make the time for anything important including exercise. Not feeling quite up to par? Never an excuse. Do I always feel like exercising? No. Not an excuse.

So again, what’s your excuse for not living a healthier lifestyle? Is it you think you’re invincible and defy the odds by living to a ripe old age by all means go for it. If you want to make some lifestyle changes and see your kids, grand kids, and yes, great grandchildren do well and prosper, stick around, I may be able to help you out with that in the future .

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