Positive thinking? It’s more than that.

I’ve recently finished reading a book (not about positive thinking) that has made a lasting impression on me. It involves changing the neural structure of the brain or to put it simply, embracing the good.

We all have a tendency to focus on the negative aspects of life without taking the time to embrace the good in our lives.

For example, if you listen to the evening news, it’s all mostly negative stuff on there which activates a portion of your brain to be stressed, aggravated, and perhaps short tempered without even realizing it.

Now after watching the evening news something that would normally get you a “little” upset such as the kids not wanting to do their homework, a load of laundry you still have to do, a lawn that still has to be mowed etc. would get you more than a “little” upset.

With your mind still in the negative-response mode after watching the news you may have less patience with your kids and start yelling at them to do their homework and feeling bad about flying off the handle afterwards. Perhaps after watching the news go out and watch the sunset, think of something good that happened through your busy day. Something that made you feel good overtaking that negative mood you were in after watching the news, then dealing with the kids. Believe me, the way you handle the situation will be different.

Without going into too much detail, this is what you call “Hardwiring your brain” to handle things differently and it does take practice.

This is much more than positive thinking or trying to find something positive in every situation because in reality, some situations just don’t have it. Major life events such as death of a loved one is a good example. Although once you get the hang of hardwiring your brain for the normal daily stresses’ when a major event happens, research shows you handle it better.

I’ve been known to over-react to certain situations…freak out some when things aren’t going just as I think they should…getting terribly upset when I don’t understand some folks actions etc. but after only 10 days or so I do see improvements. As with anything, it takes time to master a skill, and I do think I’m on the right track with this one.

This blog is a little different from just focusing on exercise and good physical health, which in turn creates a healthy brain, but sometimes you just have to go a little deeper into that space in between your ears to achieve great mental health. Peace

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