STRESS…That five letter word that we are all a bit too familiar with. In today’s fast paced and hectic lifestyle stress is only too common.

There are different types of stress and even a good type. Eu stress is the good type of stress we feel when attempting to achieve certain things. Examples are:

  1. Getting ready for a job interview
  2. Trying to get to work on time
  3. Beginning a new job
  4. Getting ready for that family get-together
  5. Trying to get healthy

Distress is the BAD type of stress. There are a few types of Distress that I am going to mention and give you a few tips to hopefully control this type of stress. They are:

Physical Stress-This is the simplest form. This can occur from going on a long walk or run or working all day in the garden. Any manual labor job will also give you this. This is perhaps the simplest kind to treat. Simple rest, a massage, a spa, and yes sleep

Mental Stress– Slightly more complex. It’s the type of stress you go through when you’re straining your mind too hard. When you are doing intellectual work, you have to remain in a state of constant focus. That’s putting a lot of stress on you. I for one am all too familiar with this type of stress but over the past year I’ve grown to love my new career and kind of know when it’s time to take a break during the day and when indeed to call it a day. Knowing my limits for the day has made me have less mental stress and become more focused during working hours. Everyone’s different but perhaps this can work for you.

Emotional Stress-This type leaves the most serious consequences on our well being. Sometimes you feel bad and you don’t know why and cannot find the cause of it unlike Physical and Mental stress. During our life every single action you’ve taken leaves traces in your emotional patterns. You may not remember them, but your subconscious does. That’s where the emotions comes in. Damn emotions! The symptoms may include being overwhelmed, nervous & tense.

Physical symptoms may include sweating, headache, chest pain and much more. You become forgetful and unable to focus on work. The long term effects can range from cardiovascular disease, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders as well as anxiety and depression. This is the most common form for myself.

The task of taking on emotional stress takes a lot of hard work but it’s not impossible.  The journey will make you a better person, more positive and stronger.  Guess what?  Turns out all that stress in the long run was worth it haha.  Techniques for keeping this type of stress under control are meditation, as in Yoga,  Writing in a journal and of course my favorite, Physical activity.

Stress is a part of all our lives.  Learn how to recognize the symptoms and manage it.  There is no cure, just positive treatments.  Peace

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