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Just a little Blog to let you know a bit of what I’ll be doing as far as my training goes.

Are you middle age or perhaps in your mid 50’s, 60 or older? Do you have the blahs about getting older. Are you fed up with father time catching up with you. Perhaps you’re on cholesterol or high blood pressure medication and wish you didn’t have to be.

Some of the diseases I have mentioned above are hereditary. It runs in your family genes. All the more reason to do everything you can to try to stay healthy through behavior modification.

By behavior modification I mean limiting your alcohol consumption to one or 2 drinks per day, not smoking, eating right, and by eating right I don’t mean diet and weight loss. I prefer fat loss. Last but not least because it’s usually at the top of my list is staying active.

I really want to introduce you to a new way of life. My exercise plans, the way I see it right now, won’t be to make you bulk up, you know, to put on lots of muscle. Although, if that’s what you want, I say go for it!

A whole lot of people now-a-days live very sedentary life styles. People just don’t work as hard physically as they use to. Some still do but the majority don’t and with a hectic lifestyle well, most don’t eat right.

A whole lot of doctors will fill you out a prescription for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritic pain, etc. before even mentioning some behavior modification unless the patient asks about it.

The few circumstances mentioned above are just a few of the reasons obesity continues to increase and is what some would call an epidemic.

I’m no medical doctor but I think Professionals should get to the bottom reason why people abuse their bodies the way they do. Stress being one of the main reasons for binge eating, binge drinking, drug addiction etc.

My exercise prescriptions or plans if you wish will be directed at folks who are middle aged and into their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. There is absolutely no reason for people to age prematurely and yes I’m living proof that you can turn back the clock. I feel better than I have in decades and yes, a healthy life is a good life.

In the next few weeks I’ll be posting blogs, probably one a week, to give you a few examples of how my program may work ( it’s still in it’s early stages) and by the end of summer I’ll be offering these to you. In the meantime, start by going for a walk, in a few months, push that lawnmower instead of jumping on a riding lawnmower ( unless you have a huge lawn and the only way to keep up is with the riding lawnmower lol). Walk to the corner store instead of taking the car. Use steps instead of elevators (unless it’s 20 stories up or more).

Indeed, life is too short to spend the later years in your rocking chair doing god knows what! Peace xx

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