Here it is again TEST time. I get just a bit nervous when I do tests and exams. I also get flashbacks to high school and college.

To say the least I’m really enjoying this challenging journey towards receiving my diploma, and certification in “Personal Fitness Training”.

What really surprised me the most about this course is how in depth the supposing simple things like “Nutrition” and “Physical Fitness” can get? Physics plays a big part in it and in our everyday lives without even realizing it.

About the only time I remotely think about Physics is when I’m out in the evening, camera, telescope, and binoculars in hand staring into the heavens. Yeah I also love Astronomy also.

I have become aware that some things never change and this applies to the feeling I get waiting for the results of my testing. A feeling of anxiety and being nauseous.

As in high school and college, the results are usually favorable and really I was worried about nothing. It’s this feeling of being worried and just a bit stressed that makes me want to do my best so I guess it’s not all bad.

I’m writing this just before I do my testing so forgive me if my grammar and spelling isn’t as it should be. It just doesn’t seem that important at the moment lol.

Have a great day or evening, which ever may apply. Wish me luck and remember, stay active and eat well, your mind and body will thank you for it.

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