The Holiday Season is approaching fast. So what do you do if you’re Active, watching your weight, and maybe going to the gym a few times a week.

‘Tis the holiday season where folks get just a bit stressed out. Between the shopping, credit card balances, office parties & home parties, cooking for the holidays, the list goes on and on. And if you’re into a fitness routine, having a sense of well being etc. This time of the year can send your routine into a tailspin.

Personally, I’ve always believed that moderation is the key in whatever you pursue. It’s not that magical cure for all but works for quite a few.

Just avoiding your sweet tooth totally, or staying away from your favorite things totally is too stressful. Getting fit and staying in shape isn’t suppose to be stressful. I always have a day a week when I just let go. Call it a cheat day. I use to feel guilty about it for some time but this has since passed.

As long as you eat well 80 % of the time, with regular physical activity there shouldn’t be a problem.

Now, if you’re fortunate or maybe unfortunate enough(depending on the circumstances) to be invited to more than one party a week(more than one cheat day), a few tips to stay in control:

  1. Have a big glass of water at the first of the party. It’ll give you a sense of being not so hungry and yeah avoiding the first drink.
  2. When you do have a drink, if you do, have a cocktail that isn’t your favorite so you won’t have the tendency to drink it too fast and going for seconds. Nursing the drink.
  3. Eat something before going to the party. Perhaps a nutritious meal at home will help you with the urge of over indulging at the party.
  4. Avoid, if possible, stressful situations at the party. When people get stressed in a social environment, they tend to stress eat(overeating), or hit the bar too much.

Above all, have fun. Perhaps get some aerobic exercise in while at the party and dance the night away. You’ll be having so much fun you’ll forget about all those calorie packed goodies and beverages.

Have a good holiday season, Peace 🙂

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