The light bulb that shines above your head when you get a idea of some sort wasn’t shining to bright for me. As I was about to write this I was wondering where in the hell I was going to go with this.

It had been without a doubt one of the nicest days weather-wise in a while so I decided to take an hour off and go for a bike ride. After all I am my own boss so if I want to take an hour off I do so.
Dressed for Fall I ventured out. It was the first time in a few weeks because after the mild September we had, October was unseasonably cool.

It is quite a difference from the first bike ride in the Spring. When it’s a little cool in the Spring, you know in the back of your mind that better weather is on the way and it’s a great feeling. But in the Fall you know that time is limited and you make the best of the situation, all the while knowing that a Canadian Winter is not too far away.

Man what a great bike ride it was. You tend to forget after a few weeks just how great it makes you feel. The “runners high” afterwards is a feeling like no drug known to mankind can give ya. A sense of well being and that all is ok in the crazy world of ours.

Although that sense of well being is a common occurrence for me since starting to live a healthier life. I have bad days like everyone else but overall, “LIFE IS GOOD”.

I will sure miss the nice weather once Winter is upon us but after all, I am Canadian, and I’ll make the best of the situation. Maybe it’s time to strap on the ice skates again or take up some cross country skiing. Busy as I am I will always make time to get some exercise and fresh air in the great outdoors. I kind of draw the line when it hits -30 though.

So in a few weeks I will bid a fond farewell to the nice weather of 2015. It was a great one and I will be looking forward to the nice weather of 2016 with great anticipation.

As you can see perhaps the light bulb that appears over your head when you have a great idea still needs to brighten a little as far as this blog goes, but this is me, and I like being me. Stay fit folks, it’s a good life when you do!!!

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