Some things come easy, some things take time and fitness is one thing that takes time. Currently, the way things are in the world, a lot of folks want immediate results from anything they pursue, including fitness.

Fitness is a lifestyle change. It’s not something you do for 6 months and everything is better. It’s a process both physically and mentally.
You have to make your mind up to want to feel better, again both physically and mentally. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again…A healthy body=A healthy mind.

One morning I heard a statistic on the radio that said people from New Brunswick (my home province) are the least healthy both physically and mentally in the whole country. This came as no big surprise to me because I’ve been saying it for years. It was just kind of nice to have statistics to back it up.

It just kills me to know that the younger generation, for the first time in history, will not have the same life expectancy as their parents did or have. Have they no sense of reality? Do they not know what they are doing to their bodies and if so, do they really care? That’s where the mental stability comes in question, not just for the younger generation but for the population as a whole.

Now for the lighter side of the fitness quest. Summer is just around the corner and after a long winter, folks want to look good for the summer. Hmm, good luck with that. Maybe look good for next summer? Now we are talking. Summer bodies are made in the winter, not in the middle of Spring. Maybe you can destroy your health and starve yourself to fit into that swimsuit? “Yahoo, I lost 15kg in 2 months and I can fit into my swimsuit!! Too bad I don’t feel so good.” Wake up folks, there’s a better way, although it’ll cost ya a few bucks to find out my secret ha ha.

The nice weather has finally arrived and this weekend should be the warmest yet. I’m ready for anything, or just about anything, including seeing folks, with their 300 dollar jogging gear (not including footwear) 🙂 , Going out for their first jog, not of the year, but ever! Totally out of shape, thinking this “being fit” is going to happen overnight. I’m really not sure if they are looking for fitness or at best, being terribly sore the next day, or worse, maybe going into cardiac arrest!! It’s a process folks. If you really want it bad enough, you have to have patience, determination, spunk, a will to change your lifestyle and last but certainly not least, perhaps a good Professional Fitness Coach. Rock on.

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