Walking is one of the few exercises that mostly everyone can do. Walking isn’t expensive, is low impact, and the best thing is it can be done outdoors. If you are a little heavy or have been leading a sedentary Lifestyle (lack of activity) for quite some time, walking is the best way to break into an exercise routine.

Obesity is in epidemic proportions, with one third of North Americans considered obese. Obesity can lead to a large number of health concerns including stoke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Now is the perfect time to get out and walk. Walking combined with a healthy well balanced diet could be just the thing to turn your health around.

Walking can help your digestive process. Studies show that taking a walk after dinner not only helps food digest properly, but also helps to keep you blood sugar levels in check. If those benefits aren’t enough, walking can also help you from overeating. Take a 30-minute walk after dinner, (The dishes can wait) and you’ll be less tempted to go back for another serving.

Walking is a way to improve your heart health as well as bone health. While keeping you bones and muscles strong. Looking for a great way to strengthen core as well as your legs? Well this is it. A super strengthening exercise for the lower body.

There are so many reasons to start walking but I’ll only name 3 more. It’s a low impact exercise which places very little stress on you bones and joints. If you suffer from health problems, walking is generally safe as long as you consult with a physician prior to beginning this or any exercise program. New to exercise? It’s a great place to start.

It’s also great for the mind. Feeling stressed out after a morning in front of the computer? Take a walk during your lunch break. The fresh air and physical activity can calm you down so you can make it through the rest of your day without blowing a fuse.

Are you feeling kind of lazy today or is it most days? Walking may just be the cure. It helps get you motivated to perhaps tackle some more pressing issues that you may have put aside. As an added bonus walking keeps your joints and muscles in proper working order and maybe, just maybe, keep you out of the old age home 10 or 15 years before you really have to enter one 

As the title says, “Walking on Sunshine”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPUmE-tne5U

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